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Introduction Mexican Family Bungalow Hotel


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Accommodation in Cuernavaca

You have different options to choose from for your accommodation in Cuernavaca. In our five years of experience, we could select very good home stays. Our local presence makes it easier to visit the Mexican families, bungalow owners and hotels to monitor quality.

We assign your home stay shortly after fulfilling the registration process and not just about two weeks before the project starts! This is our way to award the "early birds"! This is important to know for instance for families and/or for people planning to study during high season!
In other words, we practice: "First in - first serve"!

We reserve the family independently from the language school! This means, that it is in most cases possible to stay longer after studying, if there are not other reservations programmed for this spot. It is therefore best to inform us as soon as possible to extend your reservation!

We can also reserve for you an accommodation even if you don´t plan to study at a Spanish language school (a reservation fee applies)! In high season (summer), this service is very limited for family home stays and bungalows as we give preference to Spanish Language School students.




Introduction Mexican Family Bungalow Hotel
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