Terms and Conditions

Travel Organization:
Travel Organization is EASYMEX, c/o Ernst Baerel, AP 540, Cuernavaca, CP 62001, Morelos, Mexico

Ernst Baerel

Agreement / Registration:
The reception of your registration results in a agreement between you and EASYMEX. The "Terms and Conditions" are integrate part of this contract.

Extra Charges:
For changes after registration for home stay, type of course or travel schedule we charge a fee of USD 20 to max. USD 80, depending on expense. This fee will be waived if you lengthen your program.

The registration fee is due after registering. The rest of the costs is due the day of arriving or a day after on the spot in Cuernavaca in our office in USD cash or in USD traveler checks.
For a payment by credit card we will charge the service fee of 6% of our provider.

Our partner schools will offer you a variety of complimentary activities. Activities include dance classes, trips to local museums, lectures, etc. For those activities taking place outside the school there may be minor fees you need to pay. These extra fees typically cover expenses such as transportation and entrance fees. For week end activities such as day trips or full weekend excursions, you will be responsible for paying the full cost of this excursion.

Handling Charge:
We do not collect any handling charges.

There is no refund for the registration fee.

Our services:
You can find a list of services online here. The services of our service partners (schools and host families) may be subject to changes.
There are no refunds for services not consumed. Certain times of the year, classes will be canceled due to local legal holidays. In these instances, classes will not be made up, and there will be no refund.

All participants should provide their own basic health and travel insurance. We recommend to check all insurance before leaving your home country. We further recommend to get insured against accident, illness and damage or lost of your belongings. Bring also a written confirmation of medical insurance.

If you suffer during your stay problems with our service providers as for example school or host family, we ask you to talk directly to the board of the school or to your host family. If they are not able to find a solution within a short time, contact us immediately. We will do then here on the spot our best to fix your problem. We can´t accept complaints after the end of your stay.

Behavior Expectations:
Abusive behavior by a participant will not be tolerated. No kind of drugs are tolerated. If we, the host family or the language school you are attending is made aware of such a situation, we, the host family and the school reserve the right to refuse to serve and/or terminate the program of any person not abiding by these regulations. It is further noted that the we or the language school reserves the right to send home (without an escort or any type of refund) any person who violates the above mentioned rules. Any expenses incurred as the result of any language school terminating a program will be the responsibility of the participant.

EASYMEX is not liable for any risks you may encounter during travel to, from, and within Mexico, at the chosen school or your chosen accommodations, or at any other time or location during your trip. These risks may include, but are not limited to: personal injury, property damage, sickness, accidents. By signing the registration form (or by submitting a form online or over the telephone), you are assuming all risks and agreeing to indemnify and hold EASYMEX and staff harmless of any and all liability that may arise in any of our programs.

You are responsible for any travel preparation as passport, shots, visa etc. US and Canadian Citizen don´t need a visa to visit Mexico.

Legal domicile:
Mexican law is applicable in the relation between you and EASYMEX. The legal domicile is Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.