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Our Services

We are located on the spot and provide our clients with free additional benefits. You will get profit of our local knowledge!
Ask for references!

Our additional services (in addition to the schools services):

Advantage of our presence on the spot
During your stay we con provide you with helpful information about Cuernavaca and help to plan your trip.

In case of emergency you can reach us by cellular phone. We will be available to help wherever we can (list of good doctors).

Independence of the Language Schools
We will find a language school and program for you fitting your specific personal needs.

Original Prices of the Language Schools
You get first class information.

No hidden fees
We list the fees for school, home stay and pick up service separately for easy comparing.

We call "The Thing" by the name!
Compared to most competition, we mention the name of our partner schools!
We offer a lot of free additional services to the school, as we are closest to you, when you most need us - then, when you are here in Cuernavaca, Mexico - We speak Spanish, English, French, German and Swiss -
"The message is clear, we are here!"

Pick up service at the airport of Mexico City available
If you don't know much Spanish, you will be happy to have somebody looking for you at the airport.

No Minimum Time of Stay
You can study for periods as short as one week without additional fees.

We know our partner schools and host families very well!
Our local presence in Cuernavaca allows us to monitor quality of schools and home stays with ease.

Switching between different schools
If you are not happy with your choice or our recommendation, you can switch between our partner schools without paying twice the registration fee (a small switch fee applies only)

Independent organization of the home stay
Switching schools, you can still stay at the same home stay. You can also stay longer at your home stay than at school.
You can also register for a home stay without taking Spanish classes (a small fee applies for this service).

We provide the address of the home stays right after registering (First in - first serve)
We provide our clients with the home stay address right after registering and not just a few time before the program starts. This way, early birds get usually better home stays.


Welcome Our Service Cuernavaca FAQ Disclaimer